I love wearing wigs. I have long hair and I have been trying to keep it healthy. I don’t like using a flat iron anymore and I absolutely do not want to color it again. I am in need of a cut though- but that’s not damaging so it’s all good. I wear wigs to change my style without being cruel to my hair. It’s so fun to change how I look on a moments notice and to buy fun wigs. I love wearing pinks and blues. I also wear normal colors too. For my wedding I know I’ll either be wearing extensions or a wig. And this is where it gets complicated: I do not like my forehead / hairline and since I have entered my thirties I have noticed my hair becoming thinner 😰 I am so self-conscious about it. For the wedding I want to wear a wig. Mind you- a nice one. Becuase I want my hair line and forehead to have a look I am comfortable with. However ! Stylings a wig into an updo is not an easy task. And I do not want to wear my hair down. My dress have an open back and the attention of the dress is drawn there; so why would I cover it with my hair ?! If I go the route with the extensions I can totally make that work but it leaves the front of my hair exposed. I need help 😩

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When life throws reality at you, check which one it is

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