Wedding planning

Planning a wedding FROM A DIFFERENT STATE is so difficult. Ya, it helps my hubby and family live there; but come on, does the planning really fall on them? NO …. it falls on me! So as I am going to school full time I am also planning this huge event & I am not there to meet with different businesses and I am unable to be flexible with dates—everything has to fall in between the dates I am visiting. The wedding is in a few months and I feel I’ve gotten to a good point so far: I have ordered and started sending invitations, catering, dj, florist, venue, dress, registry, website, hashtag, bridal party, & for now that’s all I can think of…. but oh is there so much more! One of the most challenging things about a wedding in general was picking the color scheme. I am so happy I’ve gotten this far. I’m nervous though… this huge party is going to be a reflection of what I PLANNED. I hope everything comes out nice-I’m not going to say perfect because I know it will not be and I’m not going to stress things I do not need to stress over. The next obstacle is the make up and hair: I have to price shop, speak to,& hire people for me and the bridesmaids. My hair situation is unique as well….

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