A little about Me

I am a full time student studying Creative Writing. I am planning my wedding in a few months- I’ve reconnected with my long lost childhood sweetheart. I am so new to everything. It’s like I was dropped here on Earth from another planet. I just served five years in prison and I am living a fresh new start. I came home to almost nothing and I have worked hard to build myself up BETTER than I was before. I made mistakes and I paid for them. Now, I have a positive outlook on life and I do good things- things I am proud of. I am into self care, I am trying to learn a new language, I appreciate time with my family, I am about to graduate, I don’t associate with people from my past. I’ve got this warrior mentality about me now. I came home and hit brick wall after brick wall. Things were not easy. And to top it off- people were so advanced. I knew nothing about technology anymore, I wasn’t truly knowledgeable about current events… I felt so out of place. I have very strong family support and people dk not judge me. It feels so good to WOW those around me. They see that I refuse to lay down, that I will get up and make things happen. I never wasted a day while incarceration. I graduated from college with an AA and now am working on a BA. Something I never thought I would have had in my previous life. I also do not take my mistakes for granted either- I do my best to learn from them.

So about me ? My mind is hungry. I have felt the potential I am capable of and I want more! I’m relearning everything about life & im on such a blessed track

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When life throws reality at you, check which one it is

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