Affection to my hair

Take my hair and torch it between two bricks of flame,

to char the tips until they represent the gnarled witch’s broom—melt anything glossy that crosses its path

Attempt to mask the blistering wounds

And run the length of each strand

With chemicals that mimic fresh waterfalls and flowers

Give zero mercy to the confusion forcing my hair into labyrinths

Push my hair into ways it was not intended

For the sake of Beauty

Dreaming of my curls to be relaxed &

Bounce freely

Only with more chemicals that erase the frizz and polish with more shine

100 different combs

All of this attention/affection paid unto my hair

When it defies me & will not do as I say

You would think that my hair would love me back

With all of this attention I give. This attention is my affection

Short, Long, Medium, Straight,

Curly, Dark, Light, Bright

My hair cries from the choices I make

But can’t you see? This attention is my affection ByMRSC

Published by lovebymrsc

When life throws reality at you, check which one it is

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