I am my motivation

It’s ALL different now. Inside of me & the world/society I live in. I reached a level of consciousness I never had before. And thank you to the women who taught me along the way. I learned something from each of you. I was torn from everything and only had my body & mind to rely on but the relationship I have with those two things is so powerful now. I feel like no one can stop me. AND IM HAPPY Things aren’t as scary now because I lived hell for years , I have confidence to get out there and do me. I spent five years with an included bonus prize of 7 months in the box , solitary confinement, SHU And I came out a different person. I hated it at the time but it was one of the most personal and beautiful times I could have spent with myself. I WAS FORCED to face myself I had no choice. I made peace with the demons smothering me and let it all go. I had to shred off my skin, in pain & tears but what’s underneath amazes me. Not only am I home physically but I am home mentally.

Published by lovebymrsc

When life throws reality at you, check which one it is

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