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The weather is nicer and I’m excited to work out again outside….Buuuut, I can’t make excuses because I can workout inside too! Alright, so I’m back on my workout vibe & all of this is for (1) my wedding!! (2) my overall health. Since I turned thirty I have noticed a lot of changes in my body, especially when it comes to the way I lose & gain weight. I was looking into keto recipes. I want to find something that fits in a normal everyday life. The first time I ever tried keto I was the only person in my home trying it. That made things difficult for me. Its not so much that the unhealthy good food was tempting. It was the accessibility of these meals. It is hard to go over and beyond for a meal where I am the only one eating when there are other people in my home ( including a child) & we eat meals as a family. It was strange and out of the ordinary for me to keep food sectioned off to the side for “just me”.

I will say though, that we tried lettuce wraps together and it was a big hit. I thought I was going to feel like I was missing out. But, I totally did not!

These changes are hard for me because it is my sister and her son who live with me and she isn’t exactly diving head first into a keto only regime. It is so easy to make something quick, especially when you are raising a child & you’re tired. The problem we all know is… quick food is usually unhealthy food.

[I want to state here that we do not fill up on only unhealthy foods. We push fresh fruits and vegetables onto my nephew especially as he snacks through the day]

So where does this picture come from-why is it relevant to what I’m going on and on about? Well, I’ll tell you! I mentioned earlier that I am back on my workout vibe. As I was looking at a keto recipe book I came across a product that focuses on working out your bottom half. OF COURSE! SIGN ME UP!!! who doesn’t want a cute butt?! At the beginning of this book I found this picture & asked my husband to tell me what he thought. I wanted to compare his answer to mine. This got me thinking: we all have a shape to us. Do you feel we fall into these four categories? Are there any that are more favored than others? Is there a specific shape of these fur that we are all trying to achieve?

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