Spring semester

Well I made it. I made it to the end of the semester. I am afraid to find out my grades and yep-it scares me. I am so worried I bombed my Spanish final , but who knows, I could have made it . After all – I did work hard. I’m planning on studying all summer so that I am prepared for next semester. Because I do not believe I am ready for Spanish III. What’s helped me a lot is the app Duolingo. I’m serious. Using it a little everyday really teaches you. I used to for about four months and when I took my placement test for school I actually tested into spa III! I told them no way. There’s no way I was ready for that. With the skills I had acquired through the app I was scoring so high! I had to start the semester in the wrong class and then prove I wasn’t ready. THEN I got administrative permission to go to spa II. I am past spa I, so they didn’t really know what to do with me other than spa II. It was ok. I struggled but I made it. I am grateful for my hard work. I am grateful I am this new person who pushes past my limits. It’s a beautiful thing. I am grateful for all that I have 🌷

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When life throws reality at you, check which one it is

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