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Sugar Scrub

This Amazing 4-Step Sugar Scrub Helps With Cell Turnover Sugar is often touted as the worst enemy when it comes to your diet… It’s not only waging war on your waistline, it’s making your skin look older and duller. Thankfully, if you apply sugar to your skin, it can help reverse some of the issues that eatingContinue reading “Sugar Scrub”


Trend alert for glowing skin

Natural-looking skin is bigger than ever this year. This trend is so huge, the beauty world coined a completely new word for it: SKINIMALISM. Skinimalism is all about letting your natural beautyshine through and feeling confident in your own skin — without filters, retouching, or layers of makeup. But I understand it can be easier said than done. That’s why, today,Continue reading “Trend alert for glowing skin”

Can I reeeally massage my wrinkles away???

One of my clients (let’s call her Tina) looks incredible at her age and I asked her WHAT is she doing so I can start on it … like NOW lol Her secret? Facial acupressure massage. All I heard was “acupressure” and thought acupuncture. No, no, no, no….. You see, when we are stressed, weContinue reading “Can I reeeally massage my wrinkles away???”

Have you done your monthly exam!?

Content Warning: This email discusses skin cancer – so if this is a sensitive topic for you, you can stop scrolling at any time. I hope you’ll read to the end, though, because the resources I’m about to share could save your life. Over the years, you’ve probably had a few sunburns, But do youContinue reading “Have you done your monthly exam!?”

Don’t forget your sunscreen ☀️😎

To most people, sunscreen seems pretty straightforward… You put it on all the important spots, and boom: You’re protected from the sun. But every time I’m out at the beach, the park, or anywhere with sunbathers, I’ve noticed something disturbing: 9 out of 10 people don’t apply sunscreen correctly. And although these people think they’reContinue reading “Don’t forget your sunscreen ☀️😎”

Affection to my hair

Take my hair and torch it between two bricks of flame, to char the tips until they represent the gnarled witch’s broom—melt anything glossy that crosses its path Attempt to mask the blistering wounds And run the length of each strand With chemicals that mimic fresh waterfalls and flowers Give zero mercy to the confusionContinue reading “Affection to my hair”