Trend alert for glowing skin

Natural-looking skin is bigger than ever this year. This trend is so huge, the beauty world coined a completely new word for it: SKINIMALISM. Skinimalism is all about letting your natural beautyshine through and feeling confident in your own skin — without filters, retouching, or layers of makeup. But I understand it can be easier said than done. That’s why, today,Continue reading “Trend alert for glowing skin”

Don’t forget your sunscreen ☀️😎

To most people, sunscreen seems pretty straightforward… You put it on all the important spots, and boom: You’re protected from the sun. But every time I’m out at the beach, the park, or anywhere with sunbathers, I’ve noticed something disturbing: 9 out of 10 people don’t apply sunscreen correctly. And although these people think they’reContinue reading “Don’t forget your sunscreen ☀️😎”