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Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub

This Amazing 4-Step Sugar Scrub Helps With Cell Turnover

Sugar is often touted as the worst enemy when it comes to your diet…

It’s not only waging war on your waistline, it’s making your skin look older and duller.

Thankfully, if you apply sugar to your skin, it can help reverse some of the issues that eating it can cause!

Sugar is an excellent topical exfoliant that will naturally remove dry skin and brighten your complexion.

Not only that, it contains AHAswhich help promote cell turnover and gives you younger looking skin.

And to keep that youthful-looking skin moisturized, sugar is a natural humectant. That means it absorbs moisture, so when it’s on your skin, it helps to lock it in.

Now, to get that smooth, bright, young-looking skin, you can make a DIY sugar scrub.

raw sugar

It’s quick, easy to make, and so effective!

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Take ½ cup of sugar and put it in a container with a lid. Use raw sugar for body scrubs, and brown sugar for face scrubs. The size of the grain will determine how gentle or rough the exfoliant will be.
  2. Add ½ cup of your choice of oil. I like olive oil for its moisturizing and antibacterial properties.
  3. Add a few drops of essential oil. My favorite for this recipe is vanilla for its relaxing, mood-boosting qualities.
  4. Mix all the ingredients together until well blended.

You’re done! When you’re ready to use, scoop a small amount out of the jar and gently rub into your skin for a few minutes. Rinse, and enjoy your soft, smooth skin! You’ll want to use this once or twice a week at most to avoid over-exfoliating.

Now that you know this recipe, you won’t have any sugar left to eat — you’ll be using it to get youthful, glowing skin!


Trend alert for glowing skin

Natural-looking skin is bigger than ever this year.

This trend is so huge, the beauty world coined a completely new word for it: SKINIMALISM.

Skinimalism is all about letting your natural beautyshine through and feeling confident in your own skin — without filters, retouching, or layers of makeup.

But I understand it can be easier said than done.

That’s why, today, I’m sharing my best foolproof tips to enhance your skin, so it looks naturally radiant, smooth, and practically flawless.

Skinimalism: MrsC’s Guide to #NoFilter Beauty

🌷Start With a Solid Skincare Routine🌷

You already know science-backed skincare is crucial for healthy, youthful-looking skin.

But remember, washing your face and applying moisturizer every other day isn’t enough. Diligence is key in any routine, no matter age or skin type.

Try the “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

This look is all about subtle enhancements that let your natural beauty take center stage.

But if you’re not ready to ditch foundation, don’t worry! You can still try skinimalism with a few “no-makeup” makeup tweaks.

I recommend stripping your makeup routine to the basics, focusing on these three features:

  1. Complexion: Pin-point areas where you want more coverage with a creamy, hydrating concealer, but use it sparingly. Apply a touch of cream blush to your cheeks for a “glowing from within” effect.
  2. Eyes: Apply mascara to your upper lashes to help your eyes look defined, lifted, and bright. Skip any other dark shadows to preserve that young, wide awake look.
  3. Lips: A pop of color instantly brightens your face and looks chic without much effort. Red and dusty-rose shades are universally flattering. But choose a “power color” that makes YOU feel the most confident.

Use “Functional Beauty” Hybrids

Like makeup, these 2-in-1 products can instantly perfect your skin’s appearance.

But the results are beyond skin-deep. They also infuse your skin with nourishing ingredients to improve the way it looks over time.

For instance, the marykay time wise ( and many other products) have a broad-spectrum SPF formula, which is a daily essential for blocking the sun’s harmful rays.

But unlike most sunscreens, it also instantly erases the look of lines, texture, and imperfections thanks to advanced skin-blurring polymers.

Plus, it’s packed with light-activated enzymes and deep-sea compounds that have been shown in study after study to erase the look of wrinkles and dark spots long-term…

For firmer, smoother, brighter-looking skin that makes you feel confident without makeup.

And that’s the point of skinimalism in the first place…

To take care of your skin, embrace your natural beauty, and feel more confident each day.

Because when you feel beautiful on the inside, it shines on the outside too.

After you test out some of my tips, I’d love if you could take a selfie — no filters, only confidence. And reflect on how beautiful you are 🌸

Spring semester

Well I made it. I made it to the end of the semester. I am afraid to find out my grades and yep-it scares me. I am so worried I bombed my Spanish final , but who knows, I could have made it . After all – I did work hard. I’m planning on studying all summer so that I am prepared for next semester. Because I do not believe I am ready for Spanish III. What’s helped me a lot is the app Duolingo. I’m serious. Using it a little everyday really teaches you. I used to for about four months and when I took my placement test for school I actually tested into spa III! I told them no way. There’s no way I was ready for that. With the skills I had acquired through the app I was scoring so high! I had to start the semester in the wrong class and then prove I wasn’t ready. THEN I got administrative permission to go to spa II. I am past spa I, so they didn’t really know what to do with me other than spa II. It was ok. I struggled but I made it. I am grateful for my hard work. I am grateful I am this new person who pushes past my limits. It’s a beautiful thing. I am grateful for all that I have 🌷

Just some randomness..

The weather is nicer and I’m excited to work out again outside….Buuuut, I can’t make excuses because I can workout inside too! Alright, so I’m back on my workout vibe & all of this is for (1) my wedding!! (2) my overall health. Since I turned thirty I have noticed a lot of changes in my body, especially when it comes to the way I lose & gain weight. I was looking into keto recipes. I want to find something that fits in a normal everyday life. The first time I ever tried keto I was the only person in my home trying it. That made things difficult for me. Its not so much that the unhealthy good food was tempting. It was the accessibility of these meals. It is hard to go over and beyond for a meal where I am the only one eating when there are other people in my home ( including a child) & we eat meals as a family. It was strange and out of the ordinary for me to keep food sectioned off to the side for “just me”.

I will say though, that we tried lettuce wraps together and it was a big hit. I thought I was going to feel like I was missing out. But, I totally did not!

These changes are hard for me because it is my sister and her son who live with me and she isn’t exactly diving head first into a keto only regime. It is so easy to make something quick, especially when you are raising a child & you’re tired. The problem we all know is… quick food is usually unhealthy food.

[I want to state here that we do not fill up on only unhealthy foods. We push fresh fruits and vegetables onto my nephew especially as he snacks through the day]

So where does this picture come from-why is it relevant to what I’m going on and on about? Well, I’ll tell you! I mentioned earlier that I am back on my workout vibe. As I was looking at a keto recipe book I came across a product that focuses on working out your bottom half. OF COURSE! SIGN ME UP!!! who doesn’t want a cute butt?! At the beginning of this book I found this picture & asked my husband to tell me what he thought. I wanted to compare his answer to mine. This got me thinking: we all have a shape to us. Do you feel we fall into these four categories? Are there any that are more favored than others? Is there a specific shape of these fur that we are all trying to achieve?

Can I reeeally massage my wrinkles away???

One of my clients (let’s call her Tina) looks incredible at her age and I asked her WHAT is she doing so I can start on it … like NOW lol

Her secret?

Facial acupressure massage.

All I heard was “acupressure” and thought acupuncture. No, no, no, no…..

You see, when we are stressed, we also carry a lot of tension in the face, which can cause wrinkles.1

Facial acupressure massage helps release that tension in your face.

And the result?

According to a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, facial massage may help:

  • Delay the appearance of wrinkles
  • Promote a tighter, more supple look
  • Leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated

Isn’t that amazing?

Tina shared her routine with me.

And here’s the best part:

It only takes 5 minutes.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. After washing your hands, apply a little bit of olive oil to your fingertips.
  2. Use your middle finger to apply soft pressure to the space between your eyebrows. Focus on your breathing and relax.
  3. Use your index fingers to massage the area an inch above your eyebrows, moving from the inner corners to the outer corners of your eyes.
  4. Move your fingers past the corners of your eyes, closer to your temples and apply pressure in small circles. Continue to breathe deeply.
  5. Use your ring fingers to massage the area above your cheekbones, just below your eyes in counterclockwise circles.

Tina’s technique is fantastic: it costs nothing AND it’s a great way to take a break for yourself.

Whenever I need a little getaway, I take a quiet moment to myself and do this facial massage.

The tension melts away in seconds and instantly relaxes me.

And that’s why I just had to share Tina’s routine with you.

I hope you’ll give it a try.

Stay Beautiful

Have you done your monthly exam!?

Content Warning:

This email discusses skin cancer – so if this is a sensitive topic for you, you can stop scrolling at any time.

I hope you’ll read to the end, though, because the resources I’m about to share could save your life.
Over the years, you’ve probably had a few sunburns,

But do you know the exact number?

Whether you realize it or not, that number can change the course of your life.

If you read the content warning, you probably guessed it has something to do with your risk of developing skin cancer.

It may seem like no one is talking about it, but it’s actually the most common cancer in America.

In fact, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer before the age of 70.

One out of every five

My jaw dropped when I read that statistic.

Now, think back to my question at the beginning of this :

How many sunburns do you think you’ve had in your lifetime?

Was it less than 5?


You may want to take a deep breath before reading this next part:

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, your risk for melanoma doubles if you’ve had more than 5 sunburns.

Thankfully, skin cancer has a 99% survival rate —but only when detected early.

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

During Skin Cancer Awareness month I learned so much and wanted to talk to you about “The Big See.”

The Big See is a campaign put together by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Their goal is simple: to bring more awareness to this devastating disease — and help you detect it before it’s too late.

Here’s what you need to do:

Set a reminder in your phone to do a self-exam at the beginning of every month.

Then follow the instructions at TheBigSee.Org

Take the time to get to know your skin.

If you notice anything NEW, CHANGING, or UNUSUAL, reach out to a dermatologist.

And remember:

The best path to beautiful, healthy skin is to have a daily sun protection routine

Don’t forget your sunscreen ☀️😎

To most people, sunscreen seems pretty straightforward…

You put it on all the important spots, and boom:

You’re protected from the sun.

But every time I’m out at the beach, the park, or anywhere with sunbathers, I’ve noticed something disturbing:

9 out of 10 people don’t apply sunscreen correctly.

And although these people think they’re protected… it creates a false sense of security that ultimately causes more damage.

I recently learned a SUPER simple trick to apply sunscreen right, every time.

And I’m going to share that with you today.

But before I get into that, I want to explain just how sunscreen works to protect you from damage:

Basically, sunscreen is designed to block, or absorb and destroy UV radiation.

UVB rays are the radiation that causes sunburn and cancer, while UVA rays have shown to cause cancer and signs of aging like wrinkles.

Then we have the SPF (or skin protection factor) which tells you how long it will take for the sun to burn your skin.

For example:

SPF 15 means it will take 15 times longer for your skin to burn than if your skin were bare.

Now with all of that in mind, let me tell you what most people are doing wrong:

They’re not putting on ENOUGH.

(Meaning they’re not covering every inch of skin, or aren’t using a thick enough layer)

In all fairness… no one has ever really set a clear standard for how much sunscreen you need.

Which is why today, I’m going to teach you…

2-finger sunscreen trick

Most regulatory guidelines say you should use about 1 teaspoon of sunscreen for your face and neck.

But instead of grabbing your kitchen gear, all you need is your hand.

Simply use “two fingers” worth of sunscreen, and apply sunscreen down the length of your index and middle fingers.

Easy as that!

Just remember to do this trick every morning before you apply — even if it’s cloudy.

Your skin will thank you later.


This Mary Kay journey has been so exciting. They are such an amazing company. I have been using the products for a while before I made the choice to become a consultant & wow have I seen and felt a difference. 🌷🌷. I am able to dive right into the details. With school done for the semester I can really focus on my clients. I’ve hosted virtual facial parties and had giveaways 🥳 I even have promotional samples on my website. It’s super cute!

Customized shoes

Please support my friend. She’s a phenomenal artist. I have my own shoes in the works and almost on their way to me. Super excited… they are Bride shoes 🤩 you’ll love them when you see them. I’m thinking about getting my bridesmaids each their own pair customized with names and even the shade of my wedding ( she def threw in some sparkle✨